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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Bye and Good Riddance

So it all started when my dresser (a very ugly dresser I've had since college that my dad and I spray painted white over the orange) fell on little dynomite when she was trying to reach something sitting on top of it. Travis went crazy and dumped all my clothes on the floor and threw the thing outside, breaking it. The next day he came home from work and said, "we're going to buy you a new dresser". So obviously I thought we'd hit the thrift stores, K-mart, Wal-mart...you know the usual cheap stuff. Then we stopped into Slumberland and noticed that a dresser already put together and made of better stuff wasn't that much more! Then I jokingly sat on a couch and said something like, "we'll take this too!" Let me show you our previous couches:
With covers (the cover on the couch is in shreds from over use):

Now to show you a video of what our couches look like without covers:

The couch was my parents that they bought used at a thrift store when I was 3 and passed down to me when I went to college. The couch was given to us 5 years ago. In other words, it was time for them to go.

Anyway, to make a long story short we went to I.Keating and they made Travis a great deal (he basically got everything for the price of just the sofa and love seat plus free delivery) and we walked away with a 'chesser' for me:

with two matching nightstands and a new reclining couch and love seat:Now this may seem silly to blog about furniture, but you have to understand that we hardly ever buy anything new let alone something actually NICE! But we'll probably have this until we die then Thayne can take it :-)

As a side note, one of the delivery guys sprained his ankle while unloading the couch. Luckily the missionaries just happen to be driving by and helped Travis get the couch in the house. I.Keating called later to say that he was doing fine!!


The Schooley's said...

Yeay Denay!! NEw stuff. How exciting. Good for you guys. Do you just stop and stare at them when you pass by? Oh, I totally would. I would be the fabreeze people constanly looking. Love it!!

Nikki said...

Yeah exciting new furniture! Your couches look a lot like mine, um, minus the snot. Ours look brown in day-light. But they're more of an olive green color.

Hall Family said...

Let me just say it pays to be pregnant and in need thats when you get the good stuff!

Abbey said...

I'm so jealous!

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