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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Kiddos

We were out playing in our little blow up pool and I had Trouble get some toilet paper for his runny nose. Thinking I was outsmarting him I told him to get A SMALL piece of toilet paper. You know little ones... a little turns in to a lot. He brought me the smallest amount ever!! So I tried to wipe his nose (which the tissue got stuck to his wet face), and sensing my dismay he said: "Next time don't say SMALL" Smartalec kid!

Today Dynomite said princess. Now every time she passes a mirror, she waves and says "Hi princess". Yesterday she 'painted' he toe nails with my mascara.


The Schooley's said...

Eeeuuuwww!! Mascara toes! That is one I have never hear before. I love kids. THey say the best things.

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