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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Travis' Alaska Adventure (31 July - 9 Aug)

Day 1: A long day of flying but finally I arrive in Alaska, Dad, Troy and Kyle pick me up and we cruise around Anchorage in dad's pick-up. We slept in the house Dad's school lets him use for the summer.

No fish

Day 2: The adventure begins!

We wake up...

for the most part.

The first excitement of Alaska was to fix a fence that Dad's students built, with a little Tubbs jimmy rigging we got it so you could hardly tell that it wasn't level. The neighbor even came out to watch us.

The second adventure was building sheds for Bob Mead, we got there when they were finishing the floor and left when the buildings were standing. It was nice to see that not much had changed from the high school days when we were building sheds. Troy still knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Kyle and I managed to "good enough" our way through. It was nice to work together again but I missed some of the arguing and fighting that we usually did about where the board or nail should have gone. I guess we're just getting too lazy in our old age, now we just do what Troy says.

Dad says he doesn't talk back to Marcia nearly as much anymore.

After a long day of building it was time for a good dinner of someone else's ice cream, its amazing how much better free ice cream tastes.

It was still light out around 9 pm so it was time to go for a walk and try out my new camera. I bought it just for this trip and read the manual on the plane so now it was time to put the skills to the test.

While walking Troy found a new friend. Dad and Kyle made a big deal about Moose being one of the most dangerous animals in Alaska and more people being killed by them then bears. I was afraid that Troy would get mad at the moose for eating some of his berries.

Here you can see Kyle and Dad trying to decide to keep walking or run the other way. Finally they gave in and came over to Troy and I.

I don't think the moose was as excited to see us as we were to see her. We went back for more pictures and saw here calf with her as they were walking away.

1 fence, 2 sheds, 1 moose, no fish


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