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Friday, April 9, 2010

Alaska day 3

Day 3: It is always best to start the morning off with some chocolate so we went to what is Alaska's (and quite possibly the worlds) largest chocolate fountain.

The sign says 3,400 pounds of real liquid chocolate

Kyle about to break the rules of no tasting...I think we all broke that rule.

Dad and Troy just trying to figure out how many cups of hot chocolate this would make.

Here was our mode of transporation, it was a bit tight when we were all smashed in but the price was right and it got us everywhere we wanted to go.

After the chocolate we decided to run get supplies before fishing. We loaded up the truck and drove off. We were driving down the road when the hood of the truck flew up!!!

We screamed and pulled over to the side. Dad confessed that he had popped the hood (with out telling us) before we went in the store so we wouldn't forget to put oil in the truck, unfortunately we forgot to put the oil in and that the hood wasn't latched. Because of this little incident Dad lost all driving privileges for the rest of the trip (he didn't seem to mind all the sleeping and reading that he was able to do). We slammed the hood down as best we could and I drove towards the house. It was while we were on the highway that the hood flew up again. It turns out it hard to see where you are going when that happens so I pulled over to the side as fast I could (with lots of screaming from the others). We decided to tie the hood down for the rest of the trip because it was so bent up.

After facing near death on the highway we decided to go fishing at glacier creek. Kyle was the first to show his fishing skills.

Dad and Troy were right behind him, we were catching pinks but they were lots of fun.

After some pointers from Troy (my fishing skills are about as good as my driving skills)
I even managed to pull one in.

Then quite a few more, this was my biggest one.

Troy is a natural when it comes to this stuff

Dad use to yell at me all the time when we were little about throwing rocks in the water when he was fishing but I guess its ok if you can splash someone while your doing it.

We caught quite a few fish

The trick is to guide the hook into their mouth.

In the end everyone came away happy.

We had to go get Adam from the airport so we drove back to town, while driving there was a Dall sheep standing on the side of the road, nearly as close as the moose was but we figured we would see so many that we kept going so we would be on time to get Adam. We never got a good look at one again for the rest of the trip.

1 giant chocolate fountain, 2 flying hoods, lots of pink salmon, and 1 Dall sheep.


Jessica said...

Looks like fun!!

Cynthia said...

HA, HA, HA!!!! I love the hood story/ picture- classic stuff. You guys have great stories! And I think I need a chocolate fountain like that in my front room...

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