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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

There are so many pictures we want to put up while the house was progressing, but this is the most recent. Travis has worked through two blizzard and many many cold days to get the siding up. He only has two small sections left and he'll be done :-) But what this really does is make the garage look like it really is apart of the house. The white vinyl trim brings together the railing of the deck and front porch and the garage door.
Here is the east side of the house. He is working around the bathroom windows (which is not visible in this picture). You can see how much snow we got yesterday and today. It almost covers the raised flowerbeds.This is what he is working on. Brrr!!!Oh, we know your proud of your work...show off!Here I am shoveling. Some parts were up to my knees. We even had church cancelled today. Anyway, you can tell we not from around here. Who else is in the middle of a blizzard taking pictures of themselves?! If you look real close you can see that my eyelashes are frozen together (and the hair in my nose, in case you were wondering)...when do we move...
One thing we know for sure is that the deck is solid. That was one worry we had. But it has proven itself. At least we'll have a white Christmas!!


Jen and Allen said...

Humm dont miss it a bit... as of right now its 69 Degrees... Doesnt feel like Christmas though. The house looks nice!

PearFamily said...

The house looks so good. It must be great to be married to such a handy man! We got your christmas letter and I was excited to find out you are moving to where I grew up! If you have any questions about the area I am sure that I could help you out. Do you have a place to live there yet?

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