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Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Trouble!!

We can't believe that Trouble is 4 years old. He had a Blue's Clues Birthday. He had over 4 friends: Ciera, Dakota, Edward and Tyler. They had a lot of fun just playing and hanging out together.

I made Blue's ears for the party hats.And Handy Dandy notebooks to play Blue's Clues.
Shovel and Pail came to visit. In fact, each kid that came went home with a Shovel and Pail filled with goodies for them.Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper helped make the cake and blue ice cream.

We played a rousing game of Blue's Clues. Everyone got their own notebook. We went room to room searching for clues and drew them in the notebooks.First clues was a bandanna.Second Clue was a sticker poster.Third Clue was Stickers.The solution was a game. Each kid picked out a sticker and they we're blindfolded and had to put the sticker in the correct position. It is like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.Then we had cake. I also made blue ice cream and blue Kool-aid.Its a paw print!! See how I put on only three candles... The other candles spell Happy Birthday. Trouble picked those out at the dollar store :-)
We also played Shovel, Shovel, Pail (Duck, Duck, Goose) and Slippery Soap (Hot Potato). I forgot to photograph Slippery Soap, but I did make one.
Later that night we let Trouble decide where he wanted to go for dinner. He wanted to go to McDonald's to eat, I mean, to play. It was a fun day!


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