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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Trip to Colorado

We made it safely!! Travis signed up a few months ago for refractive eye surgery. Then one day he gets a call that he was bumped to the number one spot and off we are to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. We got to Colorado and stayed in TLF on base (these are like little 2 bedroom apts with a kitchen, washer and dryer, and tvs in every room). Travis checked in on Thursday. After that we drove two hours to see Kyle and Monica. We stayed for the weekend and returned to base Sunday. Travis had his surgery Monday. He said the first thing they did was give him numbing eye drops. Then when he was called back for the surgery they clamped his eyes open and took an Oral-B type toothbrush and scrubbed his eyes to get off the first layer. Then they lasered one eye for 7 seconds and poured freezing cold water on it (which gave him an ice cream headache, which he said was the worst part of all) then did the second eye in 13 seconds, followed by the water. Then we went to pick him up. He went to the back bedroom to rest his eyes for a little bit, but most of the day he was up playing with the kids. He went back the next day for a follow up appt. and they said that he was doing great. One guy there who had surgery the same day as Travis came in all wrapped up in cold towels and was miserable. Well, then we went to Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, and a real mall (where Travis blew our budget buying games) and headed back to Kyle and Monica's place. We got to go the Fish Hatchery were Monica works (Thayne really liked that). We had a great time with them, and we didn't even distroy thier place too much! We had to go back Friday for Travis' 5 day appt. Then we thought, well lets just try to make it Rapid City (half way to home). So we made it that far and got in about 9pm. The next day we went to Mt. Rushmore. And we were going to say another night so we could see all the other things in the area, but everything was closed for summer, so we just trekked home Saturday night. It was a really good trip. Travis is brave for going though with it all, and he was a lot more help with the kids then I figured. Because if it was me I would be an absolute baby and wouldn't want to help at all (so maybe I'd be milking it a bit!!) He only had one night with pain meds and now he just has to keep his eyes moist to help with the healing. It was a real nice relaxing trip. We are going back to Colorado for Kyle and Monica's wedding, but next time we'll be flying!!


Nikki said...

That "scrubbing with the Oral-B toothbrush" bit really weirded me out! Poor guy! I'm glad everything went well and that you returned home safely.

Haddorkus said...

Dan had that done at Wright-Pat but he had to go alone. It was Jan, and Bug was just 6 mo. We weren't driving anywhere. He stayed at the Fisher House and just tried to make do. There were some really nice volunteers there and I am gratful for that. I am glad you guys had a good time brain-freeze not withstanding.

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