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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby #3

So baby number three has confirmed the fact that when I say, "Travis I'm ready to have another baby", I do. We saw the Dr. yesterday and he said everything looks great. Heartbeat is 165 bpm and measuring on time. I'm due September 7th. I really want a September baby because then I have a nifty little pattern Nov. 2004, Oct. 2006, Sept. 2008. Which mean I need to not move one inch in August and not see Dr. Billings (because he seems to induce my labor at the 37th week). Travis has informed me that we will not find out the sex, which will drive me mad, he says it will be 'a fun surprise'. Anyway, we are excited!


Nikki said...

Hooray for you!! I'm so excited for your family. But aren't you a little scared? You have the cutest little boy and little girl already. What if this one is not? just kidding!

I've heard that Dr. Billings has that effect on women. It would be really neat if you had a September baby.

If everything continues the way it has with my other babies, I should be pregnant by July and have the baby around February next year. So I better not be on bedrest. 'Cause I don't know anyone in my family willing to travel to the Frozen North to take care of me and the kids in winter!

Stephanie said...

How exciting! You are gonna love having three! September is a good month! Hailey was born in September. That would make two of our kids born in the same month. Anyway, take it easy and a BIG congrats!

Haddorkus said...

Billings did NOT have that affect on me. He would do nothing for me. He wouldn't hear of inducing until I was late and Bug came on his own one day before my due date.

Anyway, about you, Yeah! Congrats. One boy, one girl and then not finding out, so exciting. Not to make it about me again but that's what we did and it wasn't so nerve wracking as you might think. Number three is such an adventure, good luck.

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