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Friday, February 29, 2008

Because I'm a smart boy...

You gotta love smart boys! Today I thought I was SO cleaver that I was going to trick Trouble into helping me clean up. So after 'nap' (he just lays in bed for an hour or so reading or playing with a car) I came in and asked him if he wanted to help mommy. Usually he says okay because it involves cooking or playing...but today he must have known what was coming:
Trouble:But mommy I don't want to help you clean!
Me: (thinking: Who said anything about cleaning?) I didn't say I needed help cleaning.
T: But I'm a smart boy.
Me: Yes, I know you are smart. But who is going to clean up your messes?
T: Mommy!
Me: (Thinking: Yes, I guess you a smart boy.) Come on you...


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