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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Negative on AFIT

In November Travis applied for Air Force Institute of Technology. He applied thinking that he already had to get his masters, why not get paid while doing it. Then he found out that he could leave as soon as March or August of this year, which he didn't want to do because he just worked so hard putting a garage and deck on the house. If we did go, we would not be able to enjoy all that hard work. Travis was accepted to AFIT, but on his side (the space wing) only two slots were available. So Travis found out today that he didn't get a slot. He was glad, I was sad. It would be nice to know that this was our last winter. We do like it here, and financially this is a good place to be. I'm just glad Travis is happy about it. So now we'll be here until July '09. He does have a chance to re-apply next year, so who knows?? But Travis is done pulling alerts in August, so that will be something to look forward to!!
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