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Thursday, January 3, 2008

6 Things You May Not Know About Me

Nikki Tagged me to write "6 Things You May Not Know About Me."

1) I have scoliosis. Mine is a C-curve in my back. I had to wear a hard plastic back brace all the way through middle school (yeah, because middle school isn't confident boosting enough). One of the best practical jokes I ever played was when this kid kept bothering me at school and I told him I had abs of steel and told him to hit me. He hit me, had sore knuckles for a week, and never bothered me again. My cuz and I used this same tactic with other kids.

2) I love acting. My dad is the proudest of me when I'm on stage. Although, I've only been in school productions. I've never desired the leading role, but in HS in one play I wanted to be Cinderella (the lead). I didn't get the part, so decided that I didn't want to involved at all (plus my grades needed some attention). Two weeks before Opening Night the villain (Little Red Ridding Hood) went AWOL and the director asked me to fill in. I felt honored, and he like my performance.

3) I wish I stuck it out with softball. I love the sound of the crack of the bat when it makes contact with the ball. I love summer days when its hot, with a slight winds, clear blue skies, and cheering from the stands. It was fun to show off thigh burns from sliding into first. But no one ever came to my games and I was always stuck in outfield (making daisy chains) because there was 4 coaches and their daughters pitched, had first at bat, guarded the bases, and had all the other great positions. So in my immature mind no one cared, so why should I. Now I'm no good at playing, (I throw like a girl!) so now I have no desire to play in front of others. And don't ask me to either, I'll lie and say I'm pregnant :-)

4) I keep a box of non-latex disposable gloves in my kitchen. I don't like having to pull meat off of already cooked poltury. Actually, the gloves come in handy when I have a gross food job to do (like working with raw meat) and I need to keep an eye on the kids. So if I'm the middle of working and I need to get to the kids, I just strip off the gloves instead of spending that time washing. However, I still wash when I'm all done.

5)My dreams often come true. When I was three I dreamed my 'aunt' (a good family friend) had passed away. When I got up I asked my mom, "Why did Aunt Helen have to die?" She quickly called Grandma, and found out that Aunt Helen passed away that night. Recently, I dreamed my neighbor died, two days later an ambulance was outside their house. Luckily, he was okay. Last night I dreamed someone in our ward got married...hee hee hee, perhaps that is her dream, too!

6) This fall I will have been in Girl Scout for 20 years. I've been in 4 councils, 9 troops, co-lead 3 troops, and have had 3 of my own. I've earned my Gold Award (equivalent to Eagle Scout). Through scouting I've climbed Mt. St. Helens, backpacked Europe, had week long bike trips, become a proficient camper, gained self-esteem, and learned valuable leadership skills. (If you can't tell, I LOVE GS!!) For Christmas, my hubby and my mom bought me the lifetime membership.

So this turned into a rambling session. I Tag no one because most people have already done this, or have already been tagged.


Haddorkus said...

Awesome, these things are so much fun. I have done a couple on my blog now. My sister laughs at me because she thinks that I have TMI syndrome. I think its all good fun.

I had a friend who played softball and she would show off her thigh raspberries, too. That GS thing about you had always impressed me.

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