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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good Parking Karma???

Hello All!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! My mom was here, so naturally I had a blast. While we were out shopping, she said she had good parking karma meaning that she always gets really good parking spots. I do too, but it usually takes either patience, stalking or crazy hand gestures. Anyway, every time I was with her we always found a good spot right up front!! So I thought what good karma do I have?
1) Good Clumsy Karma: I'm really good about being clumsy. Dropping things, tripping, water splashing in unwanted places, fumbling pens, banging head, smashing fingers, cuts, bruises, scraps, and broken nails all in honor of my good clumsy karma.
2) Ignoring Cries Karma: I'm a master, just ask my hubby!
3) Open-Mouth-Insert-Foot Karma: Why is it that I always find a way to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It's actually a little embarrassing at times. Its maybe a karma I could do without...
4) Finding Karma: I can find lost things, as long as it isn't something I lost.
5) Recuperating Karma: I recuperate fast. My body and feelings are never hurt too long, if at all.
6) No Athletic Ability Karma AKA Good Cheer leading Karma: Those who don't play, Cheer!! (Or those, like me, who have no athletic ability find that cheering is a less embarrassing way to participate in sports)

That's all the Karma I could think of for now! What is your Karma?
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