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Friday, August 5, 2011

Backpack potty trained!

On July 19th, Trouble and Aussie weren't feeling well so we opted to not venture out that day. I looked at Backpack and told him to take off his diaper because we are going to potty train!

The secret is to tell them months in advance that at this certain time (for us, when you turn 3) you can no longer wear diapers. (worked for Dynomite!) Then periodically have them go on the potty before that. In Ohio, Dynomite was trying to train him for pretend. Apparently that helped!

Luckily Backpack is highly motivated by candy. He will do anything to pop a sugary morsel into his mouth. Wednesday we headed to Wal-mart to buy candy and a prize. Then I made a potty chart on the unused fish tank with window markers.

1 candy if I took him to the potty
2 candies if he told me he had to go pee (and his underware was dry)
3 candies for going poop.

He progressed quickly. He held it in Wal-mart and when went pee in the toilet there. I think its a big step when they can go in unfamiliar places.

These pictures are from Friday, July 22nd. He completed his chart and got his prize. We've had a few accidents, mostly from not making it to the potty in time or he was too busy playing and forgot he wasn't wearing a diaper. We had one rough day after I put on the new kid friendly toilet seat and retired the potty chair (I really despise the potty chair!!!). Finally it came out that he didn't like sitting on the toilet. When I brought the chair back out, he was fine. At least the other kids like the new toilet seat.
Must always wash hands! Great way to teach the kids the alphabet!
Finishing up the potty chart!
His prize!
Backpack turns 3 on August 22nd!


Kate the Great said...

Awesome. I really need to start with Goob, because I'd like to have it done before the baby comes. I'm worried that if we don't he will not want to with all the baby change.

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