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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Except ER Trip

Seriously, what is wrong with me and holidays? You read about Easter...so let's just have a go at Mother's Day...

All started off well, we were only 5 minutes late to church. Pretty good, seeing how we didn't get up until 8:30 (church starts at 9am). Travis spoke in a branch 2 hrs. north, so he wasn't with us. From the ward we got Bath Salts and Chocolate. We (my YW) put them together at mutual on Wednesday. After Church, Trouble was being...well...trouble and he was playing the run-away-from-mom game. Finally I got him in the van and he decided to climb over the back bench seat into the way back of the van...yes very funny...ha ha...NOW get in your seat so we can go. So I get him from the back, put him back in the van and he proceeds to climb back over the seat again. But I already have a hold of his wrist as he falls over the seat, with me still holding him and pulling him toward me. He bursts out in tears. I thought he'd fallen on something in the back. So he 'seemed' okay. So I put him in his seat and I lecture him on how we get hurt when we don't do what Mommy says. We drive home and by now he's screaming in pain. Yeah, I'm starting to feel real bad...maybe I did really hurt him?!? Travis is already home, so we drive up to the hospital (yes our third ER visit in 3 years). They take an X-ray, nothing broken...thank goodness. He has the classic 'Nursemaids Elbow' basically the elbow popped out of place. The PA popped him back in place and within minutes he was fine. Apparently, it is very common so the hospital isn't reporting me to Child Services. I felt horrible, but he's fine. When we got home Travis cooked up some Balsamic Vinegar Chicken and Steak and Potato Kabobs. We had chocolate and went to bed. So despite the hour ER visit Mother's day went well. So maybe Trouble will think twice before not getting me a mother's day gift next year...bwahaha!!

Trouble...doing just fine despite his mother's abuse.

My gift, a body pillow. I think I've been taking about getting one since Trouble's prenancy, but never went and got one. Travis catches on easily and got me one for Mother's day. What a great guy!!


Four Jedi said...

How did you get such a short visit to the ER??Mine last at least 4 hours. I'm going with you next time. I am glad trouble is ok. I think Sawyer and him hide together after church. I am constanly doing what Tanner now calls the sweep. Very cute pix of the kiddos.

Haddorkus said...

That would freak me out, and give me all sorts of mom guilt. I am glad he and you are ok. Kids are great at doing the best things to make you feel bad about yourself. Mother's Day is the best day for it to happen, too, just bring it into sharper focus for you.

Adam/Regina said...

Okay, I'm finally getting the hang of this blogging thing! Now I can keep up with your guys' fun-filled exciting lives! Check out ours when you get the chance. Love you guys!

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