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Saturday, April 5, 2008

TODAY I'm pregnant

So I have about a million posts I wish I had time to write. And I have a million pictures to show. But TODAY I'm pregnant. Yes, that belly has finally shown itself. Yesterday at MOPS I looked down to discover my bulge and a few of the other moms said that I actually looked pregnant. Travis takes my picture everyday, so he can make a movie. I took my picture this morning and compared it to the other photos and yes...the inevitable has arrived. YEAH!! I love it. Now I can wear all the cute clothes again! And people go out of their way to open doors and pick things up I drop. I love being pregnant!!


Four Jedi said...

You crack me up! You are the cutest pregnant woman. I am glad you can finally bust out the cute clothes and hopefully if I am around and you drop something I will not be off is space somewhere not paying attention so I can pick it up for you!!

Haddorkus said...

Cute little pregnant bellies are nice except I only had one of those, with the last two I just had those big-in-your-face-oh-man-is-she-pregnant-everyone-lets-give-her-some-sympathy-bellies. And I got them when I was like two weeks along.

I made some 7-layer cookie the other day and was so glad that I met you. Thank-you.

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