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Thursday, April 26, 2012

And He Shall Be Called Tiger...

Due to the broken printer/scanner/copier/annoying-piece-of-technology sitting next to me I have no ultrasound pictures to post at this time.

However, our bundle of joy...to arrive in June...shall be dubbed the blogname: Tiger.

Fondly named by not only by Trouble, but also by our good friend Dorothy. So it must be fate! Trouble came to my 20 week ultrasound and decided that he was tigerlike and that same night Dorothy wrote on Facebook that she's calling him Tiger. Great minds think alike.

Anyway, little Tiger is growing well and the pregnancy has been good. I took the three boys to my last appointment so they could hear the heartbeat...or beep (as Backpack would say).

I have been having some anxiety over this birth (nothing crazy or major, I just don't like to think about it). Probably because I know what I'm in for! Actually, I think its the logistics of 'what do you do with 4 kids when you're in the hospital and they have school and other activities going on?' and 'I remember how un-fun labor is' and that this is a different doctor in a different hospital. I started Hypnobabies and I feel better. Its only the first week, so I'm curious how the next few weeks go.

At my last ultrasound (we get three in California), the tech did a quick 3D of his face. Wow, it was Backpack's profile! Before I was just feeling like this was just something I do...have babies, but after seeing that picture...where he actually looks like a baby and not a bag of bones...I now have the excited-to-meet-my-baby mind set. And believe me, I think I will be relieved the minute he comes out! I remember my exact feeling when I pushed Backpack out...relief, relief that it was over and we could move on with life. I'll be feeling that way again!


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