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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thankful List

Our Family Thankful List for each day in November:

1. Our own little family
2. Warm house
3. Games to play
4. Food
5.Compliant and Helpful Trouble
6. Joyful Dynomite
7. Ambitious Backpack
8. Sweet Aussie
9. Daddy's job
10. Education
11. Books to read
12. The Weekend!!
13. The Knowledge of the Gospel
14. Family Home Evening
15. Cookies
16. Technology to help us learn and stay connected
17. Beautiful days to play outside
18. Fun movies to watch
19. Pizza
20. Animals, especially ones we can have pets (if mom and dad would let us have one)
21.Warm baths and showers
22. Trouble's Birthday, so we can have a family birthday party!
23. Holiday's with no school or work
24. Thanksgiving at Aunt Donna and Uncle Richard's with Papa!
25. Christmas music
26. No Snow, this year :-)
27. Holidays to remember Christ.
28.Arts and Crafts
29. Friends
30. Scriptures and Hymns


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