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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're not AWOL!!

I have a list to blog about so stay tuned:

1) Grammy's Visit to OH
2) Yaya's Visit
3) Me and kid's adventures at Yaya's house.
4) The kid's and I's adventures with Papa.
5) Travis' Alaska trip
6) My HS Reunion
7) Backpack's 1st birthday.
8) Trouble starts pre-school.
8) Our terrible Labor Day (me and holidays... what did you expect!) AKA Hair cut day
9) Whatever else we can blog about!

So we've been busy and have only been home for a few weeks. I was asked to be the Hospitality Leader at MOPS, so this weekend was spent doing what most people have all summer to do. But with some help from Travis we got it all done and it was fun...right sweetie :-) We've also been very busy watching all the past episodes of The Office, hence the constant yawning (if anyone has noticed).

The kids are doing well. Backpacks learning to walk and has officially weaned. Dynomite starts dance lessons on Monday. Trouble is having a blast at school.


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