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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a very busy Halloween!

It all started Sat. Oct. 25th. I got the kids dressed and we went to "Boo at the Zoo". We stood in line for almost an hour to go through the the unscary haunted basement of the one building at the the zoo. The kids made out with about 6 pieces of candy and 3 cans of soda. I couldn't bring the stroller down, so I lugged Backpack in the carrier, carried Dynomite (because she kept tripping on her dress) and dragged Trouble (because it still freaked him out). Finally we get through and two things happen: 1)Travis calls to tell me he's at the zoo (earlier would've been nice, but he did rush in from work) 2)Trouble declares that he wants to go again!! So we walked around the zoo and saw what animals were still around. As we came to the wolf den we saw one of the keepers throw meat over the fence and I casually mentioned that we've lived here x number of years and have never seen that wolf. He drove around and roused her from her den to prove that THERE REALLY IS A WOLF. This is ridiculous, but I was estatic. This made my whole day!!

Okay, later that night we went to the Girl Scout Haunted Cabin. It wasn't really haunted. But the kiddos had fun doing a craft, decorating cookies, fishing for prizes, getting thier faces painted. Except for one the Girl Scouts scared Dynomite :-( So they turned on the lights and gave us extra candy and apples :-)

On Wed. Oct. 29th, we had our church's Halloween party. Miss Kelly and Raina joined us. It was a blast. They had carnival games set up for the kids and a spooky maze that you had to crawl though (Travis went through with Trouble, then made Kelly and I go through). People brought food. In the end the kids went Trunk-or-Treating. It was the biggest we've ever seen!

On Fri. Oct. 31st, the kids and I did the downtown walk were you go up and down Main Street to all the stores and Trick-or-Treat. This year I put Backpack in the Snuggli and Trouble and Dynomite walked. It was slower, but it was so much better than having to push a stroller in and out of all those stores. Since we came the last hour everyone was just trying to get rid of their candy. Plus whenever they got to get thier own candy of the bowl Trouble would grab one piece and Dynomite would grab a handful, but she's so cute that she got away with it.

5pm that night we went to the University dome for more Trick-or-Treating, then rushed over to the mall to do the same. Travis then met up with us and we went to dinner at Subway. It was already 8pm by then. We stopped by Miss Kelly's on the way home. By the time we got home the kids were exhausted, but we had fun. Now we have more candy then we know what to do with. Honestly, the kids probably eat 1 or 2 pieces a day. As for me, I can feel my lovehandles growing!!

This is our last Halloween here, so we thought we'd make the most of it!
Here is Trouble's 'Bones Dance':

And Dynomite's 'Princess Dance'


The Schooley's said...

The kids dancing is the best. Dynomite's dress can really move!! They are adorable. Glad this was the best Halloween for you guys here. I think it was ours too.

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